Michael Stechison began his classical training in piano in 1961 at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada. In his teens he became interested in jazz and improvisation, while also playing saxophone and clarinet. He has a broad interest spanning many different genres of music. He continues the evolution of his own personal syle. "To me harmony in music is analogous to the relationship of color to painting. It is the element that captivates me most." Stechison says that "for me, music erases time - not turning it back, but transcending it. When I play a song, I usually have an image of what I was doing when I heard it the first time. I remember where I was, when it was, and who I was with at the time. Playing music fills me with the warmth and memories of times I cherish. Most importantly, it makes me feel connected with those I was close to at those times. I can be in the past and the present simultaneously. My wife is a drummer and has joined the band several years ago and provided a great addition." Dr. Stechison continues his other busy calling as a neurosurgeon and serving as the Medical Director of Neuroscience Services at Gwinnett Medical Center, and Medical Director of the Brain and Spine Institute.